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To support the development of a quality based sustainable energy industry, the Sustainable Energy Industries Association of the Pacific Islands (SEIAPI) and Pacific Power Association has developed a certification/accreditation scheme for individuals and organisations (business entities).

The individuals are able to be certified as: i) designers; ii) installation (maintenance) technicians; iii) energy efficiency auditors; and iv) inspectors (of system installations). The organisation (or business entity) is able to be accredited as the supplier of products, systems and services. If there are any Individuals who operate as sole traders within the industry, for example they might sell and install RE equipment or be an energy efficiency auditor, then they must apply to be both a certified individual and an accredited organisation.

The program has two levels of certification/accreditation: provisional and full. An individual will need to successfully complete a training course which has been recognised (and or specified) by SEIAPI/PPA. As the certification/accreditation program is an industry based program, SEIAPI/PPA wants to confirm that the individual is actually incorporating into their work what they have learnt in such a training course. Therefore both levels of membership, i.e. (i) the individuals and (ii) the organisations, will initially receive ‘provisional’ certification/accreditation after successfully completing the training. Full Certification would be provided after they submit evidence that they have applied the training received in their work.

The scheme will operate for relevant technologies and for the various applications of those technologies, e.g. PV is a technology but it has different applications such as off-grid, grid connect and solar water pumping. Individuals and companies will obtain certification/accreditation for the particular areas in which they work.

Technologies that have been identified include

  • PV Grid connect systems
  • Stand Alone PV Power systems
    – Level 1- Solar Home Systems
    – Level 2- Stand alone systems with/without Inverters
    – Level 3 Hybrid Power systems
  • Wind Systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Biomass Systems

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