To create an enabling environment for the growth of sustainable energy business entities and technologies and their applications in the Pacific Islands.

Objectives and Purpose

The objects and purposes of the Association are:

  1. To raise the profile of the sustainable energy industry within the Pacific islands.
  2. To provide for and facilitate the easy exchange of sustainable energy information for members and the Pacific Island people.
  3. To promote the widespread use and understanding of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  4. To promote and facilitate an enabling environment for the development of sustainable energy businesses
  5. To adopt and promote standards and environmentally sound practices for sustainable energy products and services including the installation and implementation of products and services.
  6. To promote the development of quality training for the industry and certification of the practitioners.
  7. To provide a code of ethics for members to abide by.
  8. To foster relationships with relevant government ministries and departments to promote the use of sustainable energy.
  9. To foster relationships with multi-lateral and bilateral donors involved in projects in the Pacific Islands
  10. To foster relationships with other regional organisations operating in the Pacific Islands
  11. To act as a lobby group on sustainable energy and environmental issues.
  12. To foster relationships with international organisations with similar interests.
  13. Such other functions as are considered appropriate in relation to the promotion and development of sustainable energy (including climate change, poverty alleviation and remote social economic development) in the Pacific Islands