SEIDP Guideline Workshops 2019-Announcement

Further to the Guideline Workshops conducted in 2018 in 15 countries, there will be workshops conducted in 2019/2020 as well, as part of the World Bank funded Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project. From July to November 2019, there will be a total of 4-day workshops conducted in 10 countries. The 4 day workshops comprise of 8 x 1/2 day sessions that cover technical guidelines and Design/sizing exercises to give the workshop a practical touch. The proposed dates for the 4 day workshops in 2019 are:

Location Week Starting
Fiji 8th July
Vanuatu 15th July
Nauru 15th July
Solomon Islands 22nd July
Tonga 30th July
Kiribati 5th August
Port Moresby 20th August
Lae 27th August
Tuvalu 16th October
Samoa 18th November


The proposed dates for the 4-day workshops in 2020 are as follows:

Location Week Starting
Palau 10th February, 2020
Yap 24th February, 2020
Chuuk 28th April, 2020
Pohnpei 4th May, 2020
Kosrae 12th May, 2020
RMI 19th May, 2020

The workshops are for four (4) days having 8 x 1/2 day sessions. Through a survey, 12 topics were mentioned whereby each country had to choose their top 8 topics out of the 12. As such these 8 topics vary from country to country. You may download the presentations by clicking on the following topics. The 12 topics include:

The consultants, GSES, who are organising and conducting the workshops will be contacting the PPA and SEIAPI members in each country to determine which 8 x 1/2 day sessions are presented in those countries.

For further information please contact either Mr Geoff Stapleton ( or Mr Sandip Kumar ( or Mr. Wairarapa J. Young ( )